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Aug 23, 2009

Sermon Of Hatred

Listen to these combined clips (h/t Crooks and Liars) I like to call The Sermon of Hatred.

Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona thinks I or others like me should be executed. OH and he thinks Barak Obama should die too. I cannot figure out who he hates more, gay people or our President. It would seem that he and some of our other Talibangelical brethren (Fred Phelps) want to interpret the bible to adapt to their ideology and disregard any of the teachings that doesn't fit their needs. They make-up the rules as they go along. I realize that Organized Religion (Christianity) has brought compassion to the suffering (if you are not in one of groups their pissing on) Of course to judge all of religion(s) as wicked ignores the sacrifices of so many for so much throughout time. But some of our Talibangelical brethren forget these words. "That which you do to the least of my brothers, that you do onto me!"

His tale of Barney Frank is nothing less than pure slander and he should have his tax exempt status removed or sued. Yes Rep. Frank is gay and did at one time have a relationship with a prostitute whom he befriended and hired as an aide. That he fired when learned he was running a prostitution ring out of his house. BUT, the prostitute that he was involved with (Mr. Steve Gobie) was not a minor; and none of the prostitutes Mr. Gobie pimped out were minors either. Barney Frank reported all of this to the House ethics committee entirely on his own when he found out what was going on, and was not arrested over any of this. Frank continues to sit in Congress as one of it’s' most respected and principled members.

Say what you will, I know that religion (Christianity) has helped some through bad times, been a source of joy and inspiration. BUT, I refuse to cleave to a religion (Christianity) that encourages me to hate anybody, or blame people for who they are, or take action on things that are no business of mine. Never once in my life have I molested anyone, or thought about it for that matter. Nor have I tried recruiting anyone don't get me wrong, today I am happy being who and what I am. At the same time I wouldn't dare actively pull ANYONE into most of the things I have been through in my life. I was born who I am, I do not need a scientific proof I was born gay. We (Gay people) are the proof. This is not something I have chosen; unlike my "lifestyle" religion, (Christianity) on the other hand is a chosen "lifestyle." You chose who to hate not who to love.

Pastor Anderson asked! How Are They Multiplying? This is silly actually if you think about it. Most of us have just become more comfortable coming out and being who we really are. Therein lies one of Anderson's biggest fears, because for the longest time religion (Christianity) has been used by some of our Talibangelical brethren as a way of Marginalizing women, Marginalizing homosexuals, Promoting war, Fostering intolerance, Making preachers rich, Keeping people scared for their entire lives & Repressing natural sexual desire. NOW pure hatred for them is bubbling up. This doesn't stop people from being who they are, and that’s what I admire in a person. Someone who can be who they are and can think for themselves and not living life the way someone else tells them they should be living it, I have more respect for someone like that than I would Pastor Anderson or of the religion (Christianity) he lets spew like bile from his lips. Steve Anderson is a walking testimony of why people are running from religion (Christianity) like the plague.

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