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Jun 13, 2009

Exactly what do these people THE GAY, have to be proud about?"

Earlier this month President Obama declared June to LGBT Pride Month, and right on cue the American Taliban (religious right) went into overdrive. Take a look at this prize winning “Media Advisory”
via Christian News Wire.

Contact: Catherine Rouse, Vision America, 936-560-3900,

Noting that President Barack Obama has proclaimed June "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month," Vision America President Dr. Rick Scarborough asks: "Exactly what do these people -- defined exclusively by their aberrant sexual behavior -- have to be proud about?"

"Perhaps they should be proud of the fact that, according to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2005, 71% of all HIV infections were among 'men who have sex with other men' -- a group that represents at most 2% of the adult population?"

Wow what can be said about this? Once again this is a favorite tactic with the foes of Moe’s, using outdated information. That information is actually from 2003 released in 2005. Let’s just take a look at the LATEST numbers from The CDC.

Persons infected through male-to-male sexual contact accounted for nearly half (48%, or 532,000 persons) of all persons living with HIV in the US in 2006.
"Maybe the president thinks they should be proud that, according to a 1978 study, 36% of male homosexuals reported having up to 1,000 different sex partners over the course of their lives? Researchers tell us that the AIDS epidemic has changed nothing in this regard."

Now, I have to say with this cited study, it would be nice if the good man of god would have provided a link with some proof to back up his statement. So I roamed the Google looking for any information regarding this study, wouldn’t you know it the only web sites where this study appeared happened to ALL be right ring Christian sites. Pouring over them we learn that Dr. Rick Scarborough is trying to pull a fast one. It was 28% not 36%

The study
was done 30 years ago and the extrapolation that the homosexual population's sexual behavior then and now is the same is not validated. Contrary to that, in a different long-term prospective study carried out more recently, Johnston et al (1999) looked into the sexual risk behavior of homosexual men in 1984/85 and 1995/96. They found that the percentages of homosexual young men who had more than 10 partners in 1984/85 was 55% and in 1995/96 was 16%, showing clearly that the homosexual male population’s number of partners have reduced very significantly from the ‘80s to the ‘90s.

"Does the president think gay militants should be proud of the part they're playing in the deconstruction of marriage and assaults on First Amendment freedom of speech and religion, through so-called same-sex marriage, 'hate crimes' legislation and public school indoctrination?" Scarborough inquired.

OH brother how long are we going to have to keep hearing all the lies? First of all DIVORCE is the leading cause of the deconstruction of marriage. No religious official or denomination would be forced to recognize that marriage. Just like today, no church is required to recognize any marriage conducted by a civil authority. Why would marriage suddenly be taught it school if LGBT people are given equal marriage rights? It’s never been taught concerning opposite marriage.
If you want to truly discuss indoctrination, start with religion.
Although religion and people of all faiths have contributed greatly to society, failing to acknowledge the misdeeds, harm and turmoil it has contributed too as well is utterly hippocratic.

Dr. Scarborough added: "Barack Obama is the first president to ask us to celebrate that which the Bible specifically and unequivocally condemns."

Actually he is NOT the first president to declare June to be LGBT Pride Month. President Bill Clinton proclaimed June as Gay and Lesbian Pride Month in America June 11, 1999; furthermore no one is being FORCED or asked to celebrate that which they do not agree. Now since the good Dr. asked in the beginning of his “Media Alert.”

"Exactly what do these people -- defined exclusively by their aberrant sexual behavior -- have to be proud about?"

First I think it is telling that he assumes our lives and loves are only about sex, this is a common misconception. As more and more people are beginning to realize that our lives are not all that different and can be just as productive or possibly dysfunctional as any other family in any neighborhood, but still there will always be that fraction of society that has NO DESIRE to get to know us on a personal level. Lets face it the anti-gay industry is very profitable. But I digress. Here are just a few things the LGBT community has to proud of.

Florence Nightingale
is best known for having founded modern nursing and helped improve the care provided by hospitals. Nightingale became famous for her dedication toward the welfare of her patients, earning the nickname "the Lady with the Lamp" for her tending the sick through the night.

Nightingale, played a vital role in the opening up of legitimate careers for women outside the home and, in this way, helped create the social and economic conditions that made the modern lesbian (and heterosexual working woman) possible. Her work won her fame, awards, and honors during her lifetime. She was honored with the Royal Red Cross in 1883 and was also the first woman elected to the Royal Statistical Society.

In 1907, she was the first woman to be granted the British Order of Merit. Her work was invaluable to society and set a foundation for high sanitary standards. The world is indebted to Florence Nightingale and her amazing contributions to medicine.

Alan Turing! Considered to be Father of the modern computer science. Although to Turing a "computer" was a person who carried out a computation, we must see in his description of a universal Turing machine what we today think of as a computer with the tape as the program.

When war was declared in 1939 Turing immediately moved to work full-time at the Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park. Although the work carried out at Bletchley Park was covered by the Official Secrets Act, much has recently become public knowledge. Turing's brilliant ideas in solving codes, and developing computers to assist break them, may have saved more lives of military personnel in the course of the war than any other.

Turing was recently named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential people of the 20th Century.

Baron von Steuben, February 23, 1778. A Prussian military genius, he trained George Washington's bedraggled militia at Valley Forge, molding it into a powerful force that, to everyone's amazement, fought the mighty British to a draw at the Battle of Monmouth. Many historians consider him to be the second-most-indispensable hero of the American Revolution after Washington. In fact, Von Steuben's ideas and techniques remained the foundation of the U.S. military for 150 years. Nonetheless, most Americans have never heard of him. You see, Baron von Steuben was gay. He fled Europe and ended up at Valley Forge. Also, it pertains immensely to the issue of homosexuals in the U.S. military now. The following winter (1779-1780) his commission was representing Washington to Congress regarding the reorganization of the army.

He later traveled with Nathanael Greene-the new commander of the Southern campaign. He quartered in Virginia since the American supplies and soldiers would be provided to the army from there. He aided the campaign in the south during the spring of 1781, culminating in the delivery of 450 Virginia Continentals to Lafayette in June. He was forced to take sick leave, rejoining the army for the final campaign at Yorktown. At Yorktown his role was as commander of one of the three divisions of Washington's troops. He gave assistance to Washington in demobilizing the army in 1783 as well as aiding in the defense plan of the new nation. He became an American citizen by act of Pennsylvania legislature in March 1784 (and later by the New York authorities in July 1786). He was discharged from the military with honor, March 24, 1784.

Seems to me we have quite a lot to proud of. You must know, I have only barely scratched the surface; there’s ALOT of noteworthy LGBT individuals throughout history that have contributed to the betterment of society.
Author: JC
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