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May 8, 2009

Fox News parrots lies that claim Democrats voted to "protect," "defend" pedophiles

The past few weeks the Reich-wingers (religious right) and their cohorts have really been working overtime to derail the hate crimes legislation. Recently we have heard. “The First Amendment protects freedom of speech and religious liberty, both of which are jeopardized under this bill.” Not to mention the next line, it has been played ad-nausem on the teevee machine. “The chilling effect this legislation could have on the right of the clergy to address sinful behavior flies in the face of the spirit of the First Amendment.” This is from Catholic League President Bill Donohue; of course if one reads the actual bill one would know this is false. But I suspect Mr. Donohue already knew this.

SEC. 8. RULE OF CONSTRUCTION. Nothing in this Act, or the amendments made by this Act, shall be construed to prohibit any expressive conduct protected from legal prohibition by, or any activities protected by, the Constitution. The authors of this bill added explicit protection meaning, First Amendment rights are in no way threatened by the legislation. You guessed it, Looks like yet again a member of the religious community, are bearing false whiteness to claim the bill does things that it does not, and claiming that it doesn’t have protections that it plainly does. But this is only the beginning.

We have also had organizations like American Family Association telling us. The Hate Crime law, S.909 (and HR1913), will make 30 sexual orientations federally-protected. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has published 30 such sexual orientations that, because of Congress's refusal to define "sexual orientation," will be protected under this legislation. Just no name a few of the supposedly “sexual orientations” the big bogey man that has been a favorite of the foe’s of Moe’s pedophilia. The more common paraphilias include Voyeurism and frotteurism, and the rarest paraphilia is zoophile. Now if this seems strange to you that these are considered sexual orientations, well that’s because these are considered Paraphilias. DSM-IV-TR criteria include the following. Paraphilias are a part of the impulse control disorders or if they fall within the spectrum of obsessive-compulsive disorders. Therefore these ARE NOT considered sexual orientations.

One can easily understand the end result that groups like AFA, FOF, and TVC are trying to accomplish. It’s the same trick Rep. Steve King (R-IA) tried to pull link gays with pedophiles as often as you get the chance. This is disingenuous at best, no wait it’s an outright LIE. King offered an amendment that would have barred pedophiles from receiving special protection under the hate crimes bill. There was no need for this amendment to be added to exclude pedophiles from protections, because they weren’t included in the first place. Just like there was no reason to add Veterans to this bill, have there been a rash of veterans being targeted, beaten and left for dead that we are not hearing about? It’s no wonder these people are losing the so called “culture war” How can we really take these people seriously?

The 1968 federal hate crimes law permits the federal prosecution of a hate crime only if the crime was motivated by bias based on race, color, national origin, and religion. The person committing the crime intended to prevent the victim from exercising a “federally protected right” such as the right to vote or attend school. This legislation ONLY adds disabled, sexual orientation and gender identity, to ALL READY existing hate crime legislation. Because even if a crime may target an individual person, the result is that they invoke fear among many in a community. It expands laws to include not only "federally protected right” But it includes EVERYONE in situations other than voting and attending school.

Honestly they have enjoyed their “extra protection” for 40+ years, would they be willing to have their “protected status” taken away? Somehow I doubt that, but in the meantime it’s full speed ahead with the lies and insinuations in order to trivialize the lives of LGBT American citizens for political gain.

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