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Apr 10, 2009

Gay, and Anti-Gay Marriage

Well, Well, Well, I guess it was about time for out-of-the-closet actors, like Rupert Everett. He came crawling out of the wood-work; He basically gave the fundies a little something to smile about, I’m sure. The tyrants at NOM. wasted a lot of capital this week. Consider their latest ad campaign that cost $1.5 million. You see it looks like it’s not going to help them in their life-long quest for trying to marginalize the LGBT even further. But dear Mr. Rupert had these kind words to say in an interview with Kevin Sessums at The Daily Beast.

He said this about other gay men who want to get married and adopt children, dismissing the whole idea of gay marriage. “Gay politics! What gay politics? I don’t see any gay politics. I see a few lazy, torpid, unimaginative—certainly passionless—‘organizations’ that maintain they fight for us when what they do is relatively useless.” Also saying “Marriage and babies?” “Please. I want to be illegal. I want to live outside the mainstream. These awful middle-class queens—which are what the gay movement has become—are so tiresome. It’s all Abercrombie & Fitch and strollers. Everybody has the right to do what they want to do, but still...” “And I think this surrogacy thing is crap. It is utterly hideous. I think it’s egocentric and vain. These endless IVF treatments people go through. I mean, if you are meant to have babies, then great. But this whole idea of two gay guys filling a cocktail shaker with their sperm and impregnating some grim lesbian and then it gets cut out is just really weird. If I did have the impulse to be a parent, I would adopt—or foster. But this whole thing of forcing the idea of parenthood and marriage on us gay men is so bogus.”

Sure not all gay mean are itching to walk down the aisle or adopt, Or for that matter considering the economic downturn I highly doubt too many of these LGBT families are running out to Abercrombie & Fitch for the latest in Spring Fashion. Like most of us they probably have other priorities. Like paying car insurance and putting food on the table. The thing is if you are a part of the LGBT community and gay marriage isn’t something on your plate at this time, would it be too much to ask if this be a group effort? Who knows you may meet the person of your dreams in the near future, and you too could be hearing wedding bells.

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