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Apr 8, 2009

The biggest threat to "traditional marriage" is not Teh Gay.

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Shouldn't heterosexuals hold themselves to the same "sanctity of marriage" standard and be allowed to marry only once. Who would support a prop that would only allow men and women a one shot chance, that limits marriage between a man and a woman for life? Does this seem fair? I mean if it really is about the "sanctity of marriage" this be getting to the root of the REAL problem here. The biggest threat to” traditional marriage” is DIVORCE, which would mean that people like Mr. Norris and I use the term loosely, as an adulterer he himself is a threat to “traditional marriage.” BUT people seem to want to forget about the facts and instead we read about one of them going off on some wild tangent like Bill O'Liley and Newt Gingrich spouting off about the gay fascism, and the “Gay Agenda.” What is the "Gay Agenda?" I am gay and I had no clue what these people were talking about. So I took it upon myself to look this up. What I found was quite disturbing, this is part of it. Restricting free speech, obtaining special treatment, distorting science, and interfering with freedom of association. Like slavery before it, the homosexual agenda threatens basic freedoms, including the First Amendment.

Talk about misinformation, it’s all false. This must be where those yes on Prop 8 people had gotten all their (talking points) misinformation. this is bat-shit crazy stuff, especially if people actually believe all the lies and distortions of the truth. What these people are advocating is no different than the way Hitler felt about gay people, by killing them. It would seem this is what they basically want to do. These people still think being gay is a choice, these people are supposed to be Christians and they are misleading their flock intentionally. I guess hate truly is a family value. That's another one of their talking points I do not get. Allow gay people to marry will end civilization. PLEASE can they not come up with a convincing argument? In their views only straight men and women are allowed to marry because marriage is about procreation, this is another falsehood. Thinking this way the next group they will go after will be the disabled or the sterile/infertile. By this same logic, menopausal women shouldn't be allowed to marry since the can no longer procreate. See folks it doesn't stop with the gay community and our allies this can only spread. Don't be fooled by all this, think for yourself, look up the facts. We have a world of information at our fingertips and if you are like the supposedly 65% of people that still get their news from MSM it's time to get on board in the here and now.

These “news agencies” are not committed to airing the real news!! Just talking points and teasing the watcher of their program with bits and pieces of information never to actually getting at the heart of the story, they deluded you into wasting your time listening when you can actively do a simple Google search. After weeding out the spam and not so important stuff you have still saved more time for yourself and your family. We are becoming a society that allows others to do our thinking for us. They think they have to because they cannot trust us to do what is their will, and that is too impose their beliefs on us ALL of us. Again these are part and parcel of the same lot of ideologist that made the decision to change the meaning of marriage when they decided its ok for heterosexual couples to marry and divorce multiple times. These same people that can go into men's restroom and tap their foot as an indication sex is wanted. They want every one of us to lay down our rights go with their will. This isn't about sex. It's about love, and it's about respect. Would we ever really advocate anyone's rights being taken away? NO we would stand up for their rights. Even if their rights are not what we personally believe, we would stand beside them and fight for their right to have said rights. What does this say about us and them? These people will not be satisfied until gays can be stoned in the public square, until women who disobey their husband can be be-headed and all our laws are biased on that mythical book called the holy bible. Yes folks it’s the American Taliban itching to enact their beliefs into our laws, these people are NO DIFFERENT than any other religious extremists.

Keep your chin up; we may have lost the fight. But the battle is just beginning.

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